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Road Salt Delivery

We buy salt wholesale and deliver bulk road salt products at a discount to you! We offer a variety of road salt and other salt products for surface-melt application.

If you are a landscape or excavation contractor, maintenance company, or snow plowing contractor contact us to see how we can get you the salt products you need to take care of your customers. We also offer salt blends.

We deliver to Southern Maine as far south as York and as north as Brunswick and Bath.

Available by the pallet for delivery within 24 hours delivered directly to you, contact us today for pricing.


Bulk Rock Salt Delivery from $81/ton (16-ton minimum order), Up to 32 ton/delivery

Sand-Salt Blend at $45/yard (18-yard minimum delivery)

Palletized Bagged De-Icing Products Available. Quantity Discounts Available!

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Calcium Blends (only $15.75/bag)
  • Treated Salt Blends

Fast, fair, friendly service – direct to you.