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Mulch Delivery

Give your project the finishing touch with a good layer of bark mulch. While mulching certainly adds a tidy, cleaned up look, a layer of mulch also will help suppress weeds, keeps moisture closer to plant roots, and helps keep the temperatures near plant bases more consistent.

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Cut down on weeding and general maintenance of your gardens and landscape today with a mulch delivery from Dirt Direct! If you don’t see what you want in this list, give us a call and we’ll find what you are looking for!

We can deliver any variety of mulch product you prefer, including:

Black Mulch/Dark Bark Mulch
The most popular mulch, with 100% natural barks, create a beautiful nearly black/dark brown color. This hardy product stays in place well, making it ideal for hills or sloped areas as it is resistant to washout. This product offers a natural look as the top dressing of your landscaping and flower beds. Fibers are generally 1” – 3” in length.

Wood Chips
Wood chips are course in texture, and their variations in color and size make for a more informal mulching choice.

Cedar/Cypress Red Bark Mulch
Red in color, these natural or colored bark mulch products are sure to make your garden beds stand out!

Playground Friendly Mulch (IPEMA Certified)
Playgrounds and dog parks require surface treatments that are safe for children and pets! Landscaping-grade mulch and wood chips are not safe for surfaces where children and furry-family play and roll about because they may contain toxic and hazardous materials.

We utilize numerous suppliers so that we can offer customers exceptional selection and quality.

We also offer delivery of:


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