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Compost Delivery

“Black Gold” doesn’t refer to oil in Maine, but rather to the nutrient-dense material known as compost! People have been composting for thousands of years, but when you need this natural fertilizer and soil enhancing product in bulk for your gardens – ordering it for delivery by Dirt Direct is the answer!

Compost is rich in nutrients, and is used in landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture to provide significant nutrition and organic matter to soil and gardens to enhance plan growth and maintain soil health. The naturally occurring humus, or humic acids, created during the breakdown of materials in compost are also believed to provide a natural pesticide for soil. Compost looks like soil, but is darker, contrasting with plants well. It is often used for landscape design as well to set off plantings much like bark mulch does, so it serves as both a soil additive and garden enhancement.

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