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10 Tasks to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

It’s time to get your yard and lawn buttoned down for winter! Take a weekend to finish up these chores before the snow flies and it will spring to life in good shape: Trim Tree Branches The last thing you need is a winter storm finishing off that mighty tree whose branches are angling over […]

9 Tips to Keep Ticks at Bay

Ticks are reported to be worse than ever this year, and Lyme Disease is on the rise. Unfortunately, one of the most dangerous areas is our backyards! The Tick-Borne Disease Alliance reports that, of all Lyme disease cases, more than three-quarters are caused by ticks picked up in the course of common backyard activities – playing, barbecuing, […]

3 Secrets of Landscaping Experts

When it comes to landscaping, anything that can help you keep weeds at bay, grass growing where you want it, and plants thriving is information worth knowing! Check out these secrets from the experts to save you both time and money this growing season: SECRET #1: Grass Patching The right fertilizer is key to getting […]

Seed a Lawn Like a BOSS!

People waste a lot of time and money trying to get a new lawn going, patching lawn dead-spots, and maintaining a healthy-looking lawn. There are a lot of expensive, gimmicky products on the market that claim to solve your problems, with grass seed, fertilizer and moisture containment all-in-one, or “the best grass seeds ever”. The […]