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Cold Winter Days are Perfect for Planning Landscaping Projects

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Even though there’s still plenty of winter ahead of us, it’s a perfect time to sit with books and notepads and begin to plan this year’s landscaping and gardening goals. Why not get a jumpstart on spring projects now with a little preparation? Doing some planning now will give you more time to enjoy your yard this summer!

Your Outdoor Living Space

Our yards are an extension of our living spaces. It’s where our children enjoy fresh air, our pets play, and where we gather friends and family during warmer months. How can you enhance your current landscaping to improve the accessibility of your yard? Do you have a functioning outdoor cooking and eating space that comfortably fits your grill and table and chairs? Envious of your neighbor’s fire-pit? Would you use your backyard a lot more if you had a nice, flat patio to gather on? Would shade elements such as ornamental trees or a pergola make your sunny yard more usable throughout the day?

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Ask Yourself: What would make your outdoor spaces more enjoyable and useable?

What to Plant

Every gardener has watched their good money shrivel up and die in the form of plants that did not make it. Plants are expensive! Selecting the right plants, shrubs and trees for your climate zone, soil quality and sun-shade factor is critical to the lifespan and growing health of plants you invest in. Also consider how much maintenance such watering, soil fertilization, pruning, etc. a plant requires. Check out the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to determine what plants are most suitable for your area so you can make a shopping list that is realistic with a chance for success, not just things you think are pretty chosen on a whim.

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Planning ahead of time what your landscaping and gardening goals are for this year is essential to figuring out what you will need to spend. Building landscaping into your budget means it can actually happen! Start now to price out not only plants, but yard accessories and furniture, garden fencing, landscape materials such as soil and mulch, and funds you may need to hire professional assistance in areas such as earth moving or hardscaping.

Time Management

If you are going to do any big projects such as new landscaped areas or hardscaping that require hiring professionals to install retaining or decorative wall, lay patio stones, or planting trees, it can take several weeks to months to get on their schedules. If you want to enjoy your new landscaping, or are planning a big event at your house for a certain date, you need to get on schedules now! The good landscaping companies already have people on their schedule for this spring and summer, so the sooner you make relationships with a good company, work through sketches and budgets, and get on their schedule, the more likely it is you will actually get to use your investment this year.

Need Professional Assistance?

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Even the most experience Weekend Warrior often needs the assistance of the pros from time to time. Especially if you are planning heavy lifting such as a new fence or stone patio. You may need professional expertise or to hire heavy equipment to help you prepare your site. Now is a quiet time for most landscapers and the prefect time to get price quotes, and schedule meetings with landscape companies.